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インドネシアのコーヒー界ではまだ比較的新しいですが、その名前は急速に急上昇し、コーヒー愛好家の注目を集めています。セメンドコーヒーは香りと楽しさで有名なコーヒーだからです。農民たちはかつて、セメンドコーヒーは古代オランダのユリアーナ女王のお気に入りのコーヒーだと言っていました。セメンドコーヒーへの愛情を実現するために、オランダ政府はシンパン パダン カレット パガララム地域で最高のコーヒー農園を作り、コーヒー豆を生産しました。これらはすべてオランダの女王の宮殿に送られました。


Semendo, South Sumatra is known for producing Robusta coffee beans in Indonesia and once taken the attention from Specialty Italian Coffee Association (SIACA) for its annual market demand. Over time, a number of processors have developed the coffee commodity through different processing methods empowering other types of coffee, namely Arabica.

It is still relatively new to the Indonesian coffee world, but its' name has quickly skyrocketed and has attracted the attention of coffee connoisseurs. This is because Semendo Coffee is a coffee that is famous for its fragrance and enjoyment. Farmers once said that semendo coffee was the favorite coffee of Queen Yuliana from the Netherlands in ancient times. To fulfill his love for Semendo Coffee, the Dutch government created the best coffee plantation in the Simpang Padang Karet Pagaralam area to produce coffee beans, all of which were sent to the kitchen of the Queen's palace in the Netherlands.

Semendo coffee has a distinctive and fragrant smell because it is processed traditionally, taken from ripe fruit, the seeds are dried in the sun, roasted until ripe and finely ground by the local community. The Semendo coffee that Kopikalyan brings is grown at an altitude of 1600mdpl and processed in a Dry Hull, which produces a good body intensity like Black Tea, accompanied by a Tamarind taste with acidity and slightly Peas.

Even at an early stage, Semendo Arabica is already known by coffee enthusiasts for its fragrance and its fine taste. Semendo coffee is planted above 1600 masl and processed in Dry Hull method.The drying time out in the sun and inside the greenhouse will allow even the most unlikely varietals to become sweeter, cleaner and shine as a Specialty Arabica. Through this method, our Kopi Semendo produces good body intensity like Black Tea, accompanied by Tamarind flavor on acidity and slightly Pea’s aroma.


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