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​Baraka Nusantara is a movement that aims to create a sustainable business model by actively attempts to improve the state of living through people empowerment by employing its local potentials.

Kopi Pahlawan and Rumah Belajar Sangkabira are their first local projects in Desa Sembalun, East Lombok. Through these projects, they are focusing to support coffee farmers in re-introducing Sembalun's specialty coffee to Indonesia coffee industry and improving the state of living by enhancing the quality of education in Desa Sembalun. 

Desa Sembalun
Desa Sembalun is located in Nusa Tenggara Barat (East Lombok), Indonesia (8°22’32.06”S 116°31’00.14”E) at an altitude of 1364m above sea level. Surrounded by 5 mountains; Gn. (Gn.:gunung:mountain) Rinjani (second highest peak in Indonesia, also a volcano), Gn. Pergasingan, Gn. Anak Dara, Gn. Selong, and Gn. Telaga. Moreover, Desa Sembalun is a stunning place with its paddy fields stretched so far, UNESCO Geo Park certified forests, pristine waterfalls, and chilly weather.

Due to its high altitude and volcanic region, Desa Sembalun is an agricultural village and farming is the main occupation in the region. Unfortunately people in Desa Sembalun live inadequately due to detrimental systems. Trading systems are monopolized by dishonest middlemen/brokers who tend to buy local produce cheaply, thus forcing the farmers to live poorly.

Baraka Nusantara Mission

1. Advancement of education systems (formal and informal)
2. Improvement of standard of living 
3. Improvement of health and sanitation systems
4. Restoration and rejuvination of local comunity towards local heritage and culture
5. Provide sufficient training to local farmers to achieve best produce
6. Preparing Sembalun to be a holiday destination due to its various potentials

Here Kopikalyan takes role in selling the coffees which is known as Kopi Pahlawan to coffee customers. All coffee proceeds will be directed to Baraka Nusantara in order to run their projects. Below is the information about the coffee (Kopi Pahlawan).




A specialty Arabica coffee from 1364 m above sea level.
Native Sembalun variety.

Roasting Profile: Medium to dark
Aroma: Chocolate, caramel, and hint of fruity
Body: Medium 
Acidity: Bright-malic acid
Flavour: Chocolate, caramel, fruity-apple
Aftertaste: Clean


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