“Our passion is coffee. Serving and sharing a cup of coffee coupled with stories that come along them gives us great satisfaction”

Kopikalyan is a specialty coffee roaster with cafes in Jakarta, Indonesia.We are a group of like minded individuals who share a love for great coffee and an untiring desire to break new ground. Coffee is our passion, we love to taste coffee, learn about coffee and explore coffee from various corners of the world, especially from our home land of Indonesia. Not only we love to brew and serve coffee, we also love to source and roast coffee from the finest regions of Indonesia.

OUR VISION is to consistently provide a fulfilled experience and create a long lasting impression for customers alike. Through the combination of modern-creativity and local touch. We aim to bring a humble yet satisfying experience in enjoying coffee, other beverages and our range of comfort food. We aim to build a trusted brand in coffee and the food and beverage industry as a whole, with a strong foundation in continuous Improvement, Innovation and delivering new ideas on to the table. 


Since being introduced, Kopikalyan has been dedicated in striving to continuously bring out the very best of Indonesian Coffee. We love to build relationships and learn from individuals that are truly passionate about coffee.


As the largest Archipelago, Indonesia is interesting for us and for those that love coffee. With over 30 varieties, every region has its own character, traditions and qualities behind it. We aim to uncover these stories by sourcing various beans from Indonesia and do our part in sharing it, not only for Indonesia but the whole world.


We also want to make sure that the quality of local green beans are continuously improved, hence we believe in giving back not only to farmers but also to surrounding communities. We also make sure that all our coffees are traceable and traded ethically.


We believe that a good cup of coffee involves a great deal of co-operation and collaboration, from farmers, producers, to roasters and brewers. We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to be part of this great chain of teamwork. 


Roti in Bahasa means bread, a staple for most people to have at some point during the day. Roti Kalyan is our way of elevating local bread and taking customers back to memory lane, to a time and place of enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee paired with the home made old fashioned local bread.