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Rumah Seniman ini merupakan sebuah bentuk dukungan Kopikalyan kepada masyarakat terutama komunitas-komunitas yang membutuhkan wadah untuk menyampaikan atau mempresentasikan hasil karya mereka.


Rumah Seniman adalah sebuah konsep pameran seni sederhana yang meninggalkan kesan terlalu serius. Karya seni yang dipamerkan ditujukan sebagai bagian dari kebersamaan komunitas yang dapat dinikmati sambil mnyeruput secangkir kopi. Pemilihan nama ‘Rumah Seniman’ ditujukan untuk mengandaikan Kopikalyan sebagai tempat tinggal dari seniman yang memamerkan karyanya, memberikan kesan yang lebih personal dibanding profesional. 

Artist House is our form of support to the community who needs a place or a platform to deliver or represent their works.


Artist House is a simple art exhibition concept that leaves them with a not too serious impression. The exhibited artwork is intended as part of the community togetherness that can be enjoyed while sipping a cup of coffee. The selection of the name 'Artist House' is intended to presume Kopikalyan as a residence of Artists who showcased his work, giving a more personal impression than professionals.



Memberikan wadah untuk para seniman berkomunikasi dengan masyarakat pecinta kopi melalui karyanya.

Seni dinilai memiliki kimat yang serupa dengan kopi sebagai perekat dalam sebuah komunitas dan perpaduannya akan menciptakan nuansa tersendiri dalam kultur pameran seni.

Selaras dengan visi Kopikalyan, Rumah Seniman juga berkeinginan untuk mengusung kultur kontemporer Indonesia; dalam hal ini seni kontemporer Indonesia. 

Providing a place for artists to communicate with the community of coffee lovers through his work.


Art is considered to have a similar value with coffee as a glue in a community and its fusion will create its own nuance in art exhibition culture.


In harmony with Kopikalyan's vision, Artist's House also intends to carry the contemporary Indonesian culture; In this case Indonesian contemporary art.



Hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan support dari Rumah Seniman, Community Support Project dari Kopikalyan.

Kirim project proposal kalian ke dan follow up melalui DM Instagram @kopikalyan.

Bila lulus kurasi dan dianggap sejalan dengan visi dan misi dari Rumah Seniman, kalyan bisa mendapatkan dukungan dalam acara kalyan.

Contact us to get supports from Rumah Seniman (Artist House), a community project support made by Kopikalyan.

Send your project proposal to and contact us for follow up through Instagram Direct Message.

If you get through our curation that in line with our vision and mission, we will contact you and we can discuss further about the supports.

Baca cerita mereka yang menginspirasi.
Read their inspiring stories.

A first Photo x Poetry Exhibition carried by Rumah Seniman at Kopikalyan Coffee Roasters. A collaboration between Natasha Rizky, an Indonesian artist who also a poet, and Kopikalyan customers' curated analog photo works. The exhibition is called "SECANGKIR KATA", in English known as "A CUP OF WORD".


A painting exhibition by Sani Tumbelaka, with its social mission is to carry out charity to help improve the quality of life of Indonesian children with cancer and help disseminate information to the public about mental health, especially Schizophrenia.


An appreciation post for BOOKS FOR GOODS for having such an inspiring initiatives benefited to the community and environment. We want you to get to know them and support them by having them in your cafe and restaurants in turns. Find more about them here.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-24 at

This exhibition is a solo exhibition by a young artist who is more familiarly called Kencut. His paintings have attracted the attention of architect Ary Indra, who is now the curator of the Kaum Mata Kancing exhibition. In this exhibition, there is a painting of Yin Yang (2015) which won a nomination at the Reddbase Young Artist Award and Kaki Tangan (2015) which brought Kencut as a finalist of UOB Painting of The Year 2015.

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 8.02.49 AM.png

Puzzle Time - A Solo Exhibition by Annie Gobel, curated by Putri Yulandari of Rumah Seniman. Annie Gobel have been making and participating in the contemporary art jewellery field for the past 10 years. The idea that is embedded into her work revolves around reminiscing childhood times.


After a year cycling from The Netherlands to Indonesia, Marlies and Diego finally finished their Everything in Between journey. They presented their story through photos that they took which are exhibited at Kopikalyan., so people can experience their journey.

Meet the Artist Series is a meet and greet activity where visitors have the opportunity to participate in discussions, see and collect the works of their favorite visual artists or illustrators.

Jakarta-based young artists Rummana Yumanie and Kelvin Atmadibrata retraces the journey of Qahwah. Qahwah has not been rediscovered. This project aims to reposition the context of coffee and how it can be phonetically playful and geographically relevant as some form of social commentary yet one that is far from didactic. 

Poppie Mayiesky adores beautiful things. Her main objects are often of attractive humans, nature, and spaces. These qualities are especially represented through her work as a fashion photographer having to build a perfect persona of beauty. 

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