As one of the countries with the most coffee varieties and the 4th largest coffee producer in the world, Indonesia is geographically and climatologically well-suited for coffee plantations. The country is blessed with 17,000 islands that spans across the coffee belt, creating a unique journey of taste exploration from region to region. Kopikalyan aims to offer and share this experience to the people of Japan and the rest of the world.


Kopikalyan believes in appreciating the gift of coffee that nature has given us, our mission is to reciprocate and respect the environment that has blessed us with great coffee. We have continuously increased our efforts in reducing plastic products as well as promoting reuse and recycle in our little community. We also believe that a big part of our responsibility is to support farmers and their communities. 


In addition, in using only locally sourced & traceable coffee and raw materials. Knowing where something comes from and how they are processed goes a long way in ensuring the quality of products that we serve.


Since Opening our first shop in Jakarta in 2016, our goal was to create a third space where people can enjoy a good cup of coffee outside of home and work. A safe sanctuary where people of all backgrounds can come together and share stories, ideas, and thoughts. Our goal is to become everyone’s Local coffee shop, and hopefully can offer a unique and longing experience to our visiting guests.


Kopikalyan is passionate about sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee which suggests the standard and quality of what we pour in every cup. We also take joy in combining “local” and “global” influences in crafting enjoyable products from our bar and kitchen.

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It is projects led by Kopikalyan Roastery. We source and roast Indonesian coffee not only for the commodity but beyond. It is for the greater goods of our community and the development of its local areas. Below are our past and present projects to learn.