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Kopi Atlasは、アチェ州の西部からパプア州の東部まで、インドネシアのコーヒーマップを横断するスリル満点の味の旅をするコーヒープロジェクトです。
’インドネシアのコーヒー’ を皆さんに紹介します。



Indonesian Coffee takes full advantage of the area's equatorial climate, generous soil, and high altitude. Separated by active volcanoes, and seas, allows Indonesia to have numerous smaller maps of coffee producing regions, offering an assortment of taste and experiences that are unlike other coffee-producing nations.

Kopi Atlas is a coffee project that  takes a thrilling taste journey across Indonesia’s coffee maps from the West, in the province of Aceh, to the East, in the province of Papua. Through this project we will introduce to you, unparalleled body, layered complexity, and spice-laden flavours, THE COFFEE OF INDONESIA.

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