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コピカリアンでは、その独特の味から世界中で人気のあるコピフローレスを再ラインナップ。以前のJOURNEY TO EVERY SIPプロジェクトではフローレスのCOLOL地区からコーヒーを持ってきました。今回はマンガライ地区からです。このコピフローレスは、並外れたフルーティーでフローラルな味わいのコーヒーを作ることができるユニークなプロセスである嫌気性プロセスを使用しています。海抜1500メートルの標高は他のコーヒーとは異なる自然な味わいを生み出します。 「発酵」しすぎないバランスの取れた味わいです。いちごに似た風味は高温で非常に際立ち、ミントの口当たりと綿菓子の甘い後味を味わうことができます。

Not only known as Komodo Island to the Komodo Dragon; Flores also has the good natural resources and perfect natural conditions for coffee plantation in Indonesia. One of them is located in East Manggarai district. Located 200 miles east of Bali. The land is rugged, with many active and dormant volcanoes. Ash from this volcano has created a very fertile andosol, ideal for organic coffee production. One of the highland areas shrouded in fog is that it produces coffee that has a balanced sweet and sour character.

Locals call coffee the “Black Pearl” because for decades it has been the main source of income, allowing them to send their children to higher education. Arabica coffee grown in the Flores area is grown at an altitude of 1000 – 1550 masl.

Due to its distinctive taste and popularity worldwide, Kopikalyan brings back KOPI FLORES. Previously at the  JOURNEY TO EVERY SIP project we brought coffee from the COLOL area, so this time is from the MANGGARAI area. This KOPI FLORES uses the NATURAL ANAEROBIC process, a unique process that can produce a cup of coffee with an extraordinary fruity and floral taste. From an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, this KOPI FLORES produces a natural taste that is not like any other natural processed coffees. It gives a taste that is not too "fermented". The strawberry flavor is very pronounced at high temperatures, while you can taste mouthfeel of mint and sweet after-taste of Cotton Candy.

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