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このコーヒーは、「ギリングバサ」と呼ばれるスマトラスタイルの方法を使用して処理されています。ティピカとブルボンの品種が作り出すコーヒーは非常にユニークで、インドネシアグアバ(jambu air)とサンフラワーシードの様なフレーバーがブレンドされています。

One of the types of coffee that we serve comes from the easternmost region of Indonesia. The island of New Guinea is divided into two, with the western part, Papua, belonging to Indonesia. In Papua, previously known as “Irian Jaya”, coffee is cultivated in two main areas: Lembah Kamu (The Kamu Valley) in the Nabire region and Lembah Baliem (The Baliem Valley) in the Jayawijaya region, Wamena, Papua. Both sites have elevations between 1,400 and 2,000 meters, suitable for growing arabica coffee.

Unlike other big cities in Papua, Wamena is an untouched paradise and pearl in the interior of the central mountains of Papua. One of the wealth of plantation products in Wamena is coffee.The taste of Papua Wamena coffee is very unique because it is rare for Indonesian coffee to have a floral sensation. Many Q-graders argue that the appearance of the aroma is influenced by the planting conditions that do not use any pesticides and chemical compounds because the land of Papua is very fertile, so the Arabica coffee are produced with very good quality. Papua Wamena Arabica Coffee can be classified as Organic Coffee based on its natural growth process. This Arabica coffee has a very distinctive and balanced taste where the aroma of the coffee is subtle with chocolate and floral nuances, medium body and has a sweet after-taste. Papua Wamena Arabica coffee also has a low acid content so that it can be consumed by everyone.

With an average highland geography of 1600 masl, Papua not only presents a beautiful view of Mount Jayawijaya, but also produces a unique Indonesian coffee. This Papuan coffee is processed using the 'Giling Basah' or Sumatra Style method, the results obtained from the Typica and Bourbon varieties are very unique, they have a blend of Indonesian Guava and Sun flower seed flavors.

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