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今回は、キンタマーニでスペシャリティコーヒーの開発に尽力し、国際市場や展示会への浸透を成功させている加工農家の1人からコーヒーを用意しました。コーヒーコミュニティは時間の経過とともにより強力で独立したものになり、彼は2013年にコーヒーブランド Bali Arabica を立ち上げました。彼は、キンタマーニオリジナルのアラビカコーヒーの旗を掲げようとしています。


Bali is known as the best destination in Indonesia by foreigners and locals alike for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and meditation retreats. This tropical paradise provides one of Indonesia's best coffees that are worth a try. Most of the coffee is grown in the Kintamani plateau, which lies between the Batukaru and Agung volcanoes.

Unlike in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Papua where farmers often use the “wet mill” process (wet process) or in Japan, it is often called Sumatra Style; Farmers in Bali like to use the washed process. Therefore, Balinese coffee generally produces notes of a clean, sweet taste and a thick citrus taste.

This time, we took Balinese coffee from one of the processor farmers who we admired for his persistence in developing Specialty Coffee from KINTAMANI and the successful journey to penetrate the international market and exhibition. The coffee community has become more empowered and independent over time and it is proved through the launching of his coffee brand named Bali Arabica in 2013. He seeks to raise the flag of Kintamani's original Arabica coffee, which has a unique sour taste that he believes no other coffee beans in the world have. His coffee quality and prices are at the competitive level with other international coffees Until now he has coffee with quality and competitive prices with other international coffees.

Planted at an altitude of about 1000 masl, adjacent to Mount Batur and processed with HONEY method. We can enjoy a sensation of Lemongrass immediately after sipping this coffee, Cinnamon’s to the sweetness, and high Citrus flavor for acidity that occurs naturally because of the Kintamani coffee cultivation system which is planted close to their orange plantation.


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