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ガヨは、アチェ州の中央部にあるガヨ高原に生息する民族の1つです。コーヒーのランクを決定しているQグレーダーはガヨのコーヒーに良いスコアを与えます、彼らはアチェ ガヨコーヒーの味が非常に低い酸性度、高い甘さ、そして中程度のボディを持っている傾向があると判断します。



Coming from the westernmost island of Indonesia, the island of Sumatra. Aceh has been introducing its best commodities to the world through coffee for many years, especially coffee from Gayo. Developed since 1908, there are two Gayo coffee plantations that produce the best quality, namely Takengon in Central Aceh, and Bener Meriah in Aceh Special district. This vast expanse of coffee plantations grows on a plain of 95,000 hectares with an altitude of about 1000 - 1300 meters above sea level.

Gayo is one of the ethnic groups who inhabit the Gayo Highlands, precisely in the central region of Aceh Province. Q-graders who have tasted it give a good score, they judge that the taste of Aceh Gayo coffee tends to have very low acidity, high sweetness, and medium body.

Actually, it is similar to Sumatran coffee in general, the difference is that it has a clean aftertaste. Because of the character of the taste of the beans, this coffee is often used as a mixture for house blends in cafes. This distinctive character distinguishes it from coffee from other regions, such as Java and Sulawesi.

We take this Gayo coffee directly from one of the farmer groups who focus on fostering local coffee farmers to continue the development their human resources in the field of coffee cultivation. They have imported Robusta coffee internationally for several years and their specialty coffee has developed vastly. From Gayo land, this coffee is processed with a long natural fermentation, commonly called the WINE method. The unique taste that we can enjoy from this process is the sensation of red wine, then cranberry for its acidity and the Sunkist peel after-taste at the end.


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