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エンレカンは、南スラウェシで最大のコーヒー生産者です。 2番目は有名なトラジャです。エンレカンではベンテンアラとバラカという2つのエリアが最も多くの生産に貢献しています。この山岳地帯では、インドネシア列島の他の島々よりも標高の高い場所でコーヒーを栽培できるため、コーヒー栽培には利点があります。この高地(標高1800m)は、コーヒーをよりきれいで滑らかな仕上がりにするのに役立ちます。

2009年、Benteng Alla Utaraコーヒーはオーストラリアの輸入業者とロースターにサンプルとして送られました。翌年、オーストラリアの輸入業者とロースターはエンレカン地域、特にBenteng Alla Utaraでの特製コーヒーの注文と処理に直接関与し、地域を冠したエンレカンという名前で販売することに同意しました。このコラボレーションにより、農家はエンレカンという名前を有名なトラジャコーヒーと並べることに成功しました。


Enrekang is the largest coffee producer in South Sulawesi. The second position is occupied by Toraja. There are two sub-districts in Enrekang that contribute the most production, namely Benteng Alla and Baraka. The mountainous region allows coffee to be grown at higher altitudes than the other islands in the Indonesian archipelago, which gives coffee from this region some advantages. This high altitude – up to 6,000 feet above sea level – helps give the coffee a cleaner, smoother finish.

Benteng Alla Utara coffee in 2009 was sent as an example to importers and roasters in Australia, who then in the next year agreed to order and be directly involved in the processing of specialty coffee in the Enrekang area, specifically in Benteng Alla Utara, and sell it under the name Enrekang. This collaboration has made the farmers successful in juxtaposing the name Enrekang along the big name Toraja coffee.

Kopikalyan took Enrekang Coffee from the Benteng Alla area through a special coffee activist who had raised the name of Enrekang coffee, namely Ir. Patola. He has a great story of struggle in bringing Enrekang specialty coffee to the international stage. Enrekang coffee is grown at 1500 masl and goes through a FULL WASHED process so that it produces a very pleasant taste. We can feel the lemongrass aroma slightly when we slurp into the coffee, along with a sweetness of sugar cane. At low temperatures, you can taste the intense dried raisins as the acidity.

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