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Bondowoso Regency is the largest Arabica coffee production center in East Java. As much as 60% of Arabica coffee in East Java is produced from the mountains of Ijen - Raung. It has long been known for its “Tapai” or fermented casava and is now building coffee as its new icon, which has proven to be successful in gaining its popularity globally. As a result, in 2013 Ijen Raung's Java Arabica Coffee from Bondowoso received world recognition by obtaining an international certificate and currently is the largest Arabica coffee production area in East Java.

Bondowoso Coffee Plantation is located at an altitude between 1100-1550 masl. The Ijen Plateau is affected by volcanic eruptions which form gray soil, dark with charcoal humus content (koolhumus) and rich in nutrients. Therefore, Bondowoso Arabica Coffee is the only Specialty Coffee (Blue Mountain Coffee) product in East Java that has received Geographical Indication (GI) protection. The distinctive taste causes Arabica coffee products to have high competitiveness in the international coffee market. Based on the results of the taste test that this coffee has a fairly high acidity level, quality and distinctive aroma with a strong aroma intensity, medium thickness, and the most unique and distinguishes it from other coffee flavors is the sweet chocolaty taste that other coffees don't have.

This Bondowoso coffee is brought from different farmer groups and processors, has a different taste than before, located in an area that is part of the Ijen Mountains. This coffee processor is very fond of trying various coffee processes and has big dreams of making Indonesian coffee good in the eyes of the world, because he really believes that Indonesian coffee, especially Bondowoso-East Java, has excellent quality and can compete in the international market.

When first "breaking the crust", this Bondowoso Coffee produces a distinctive unique aroma and taste as a result of the NATURAL HYDRO HONEY process such as the taste of coconut water, and accompanied by hints of butter unlike Bondowoso beans in general, and as soon as the temperature drops, we can sense the sweetness of Honey after-taste.

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