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西ジャワのコーヒー、マンラヤンはマンラヤン山の平原、標高1000mで栽培されています。甘酸っぱい味と濃厚なバニラの様なアラビカコーヒーの一種です。 Manglayangという名前は、飛ぶことを意味する「Layang」という言葉です。これは、「サンプラーニ」という名前の空飛ぶ馬に由来しています。物語の起源は、マングラヤン山「バトゥクダ」の存在によるものです。現在は「バツクダ」ルートと呼ばれているハイキングコースにあります。


西ジャワはインドネシアで最も古いコーヒー生産地域であり、コーヒーでさまざまなフレーバーを作り出すことに成功しています。コピカリアンで販売されているマンラヤンコーヒーのように、トロピカルなフルーティーな味わいです。 DOUBLE WASHの嫌気性発酵プロセスにより、バランスの取れた、対照的な味を持っています。柑橘系のような強い酸味とマンゴーの甘み、ラベンダーがほのかに香ります。

Coffee from West Java, namely Manglayang is grown at an altitude of 1000 masl which grows on the plains of Mount Manglayang. It belongs to the type of Arabica coffee with a sweet and sour taste and thick vanilla, which grows on the plains of Mount Manglayang, West Java. The name Manglayang is taken from the word “Layang”, which means to fly. This is reinforced by the arrival of a Flying Horse named “Samprani”. The origin of the story is due to the presence of Mount Manglayang “Batu Kuda”. It is located on the hiking trail which is now named the “Batu Kuda” route.

In West Java, not only Malabar and Palintang coffee, but Manglayang coffee has also been able to compete in the world of coffee exports. Manglayang coffee which has successfully penetrated the international market from Morocco, Japan to Australia.

West Java is the oldest coffee producing area in Indonesia and has succeeded in creating a variety of flavors in its coffee. Such as Manglayang Coffee that is available at Kopikalyan, it has a tropical fruity taste. Through a DOUBLE WASH ANAEROB process, this coffee has a fairly balanced taste, and yet has a contrasting taste. The acidity produced is quite intense like Citrus, the sweetness of mango and hints if Lavender aroma.


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